Architect / Pang MyungChurl

방명철은 1967년 생으로 숭실대학교 건축공학과를 졸업하였고 현재 숭실대학교 건축학부 겸임교수로 활동하고 있다. (주)두우종합건축사사무소에서 실무경험을 쌓았으며 2003년부터 애시스건축사사무소를 설립하여 운영해오고 있다. 2007년 역삼동 J&J빌딩으로 강남 아름다운 건축상을 수상한 바 있고, 2012년부터 SH공사 신진건축가로 활동했다. 주요 작품으로는 성북동 Cho’s House, 한남동 Lucid Haus, 동빙고동 Parkside, 증산동 Deux Ville, 반포동 스노젠사옥, 신봉동 Trio-House, 한남동 Orocubo 등이 있다.

Born in 1967, graduated from school of architecture in Soongsil University and is currently an affiliate professor in Soongsil Univesity. He has experienced in the field of architecture in Doo Woo Architecture Firm and founded and managed Axis Architectures & Planners since 2003. On the year 2007, he was awarded with “2007 Gangnam Architecture Works” for the design of  J&J Building in Yeoksam-dong. He was also active in SH Corporation as a rising architect since 2012. His most renown work is Seongbuk-dong Cho’s House, Hannam-dong Lucid Haus, Dongbinggo-dong Parkside, Jungsan-dong Deux Ville, Banpo-dong Snogen Office Building, Sinbong-dong Trio-House, Hannam-dong Orocubo, etc.